Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rule #2: Keep Your Head Straight

     Rule #2: keep your head straight. Like a lot of different industries, this one can & will spit out a lot of good people. It'll kill you if you let it. Many escorts get caught up in the materialism aspect of it all. Unfortunately, that also means they turn to alcohol & drugs.
     I've never looked at this as a thrill ride where I throw away money on drugs. My body is a temple, at which women worship at it. Sex is my business & my body is the tool of my trade. I eat a bodybuilder's diet with lots of meat & protein shakes. I work out at least an hour a day, sometimes two hours. I don't have any tattoos or piercings.
     Above all, I've never stuck a needle up my arm or smoked anything. I drink but never to excess. I always have to keep my head about me. After all, I may be there to make money but my clients are the ones paying. It does me no good to be drunk, stoned, or drugged out at any time.
     The road is filled with the remains of escorts' souls & their bodies. I know I can't do this forever. That's why I save & invest my money. I do live very comfortablely, with lots of nice suits & three high end apartments. I have my regular condo in New York City, a high rise condo that I just bought last year dirt cheap in Las Vegas due to the housing crisis, & this year, I bought another apartment here in New York. That one's so that I can service clients in the city who don't want to go to a hotel. It has a discreet entrance that makes it look like you're going into a business but then goes to my apartment, so it's perfect for those with partners.
     In life, keep your head straight & your mind on your money. The rest will take care of itself.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rule #1: Know Your Role

     Rule #1: know your role. I'm a piece of meat, a boy toy, a male fuck doll. I am a commodity, bought & sold like wheat & pork loins. I am not a part of the world that my clients troll in. Theirs is a world of privilege.  They live in nice homes, drive nice cars. I'm what they do with their spending cash.
     I serve a purpose to them. I help get them off. Sometimes that's straight forward. Sometimes that's extremely kinky. I've adjusted my boundaries accordingly as time has gone on. I don't get to go to their golf courses although with the money I've made in the past few years, I can certainly afford to. Their world is just different & always will be. No matter how much money I make, no matter how many nice cars I drive, no matter what, I'll always be a slut to them. That's ok, though.
     To me, they're a means to an end. I take a lot of the money that I make & invest it. I use these people as much as they use me. I pick up stock & investment tips or overhear pieces of conversations that they make to their husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, whatever. Sometimes, I hear about business people or businesses that are doing one thing or another & I usually act on it. I know my role & accept it wholeheartedly, all the way to the bank. So know your role. The sooner you do, the better off you'll be.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

How Far Will I go?

Front stiched men's thongImage via Wikipedia     How far will I go?  There are a lot of things that I will do for a client. I do bdsm, with restraints, chains, crops, cock rings, whatever. I dominate but I have no problem being dominated. I've had a strap-on used on me many times.I do threesomes; both boy-boy-girl & boy-girl-girl. I do bondage, candle wax, leashes, & costumes; lots of costumes. I do masks & masturbation. I give & receive pain, either by spankings or even nipple rings.
     As far as the gay aspect of the business, I'll say this. I have never been nor will I ever be a boy toy for a male client nor will I ever let a male client enter me from behind nor will I ever enter him. Having said that, I have had gay sex on occasion but only with one man & it's only when we do threesomes. The most we will do to each other is give each other blowjobs & handjobs in front of the client. That service is triple our normal threesome rate when the client requests that it be done.
     I know I can make a hell of a lot more money I chose to become a plaything for a rich guy. However, I love women too much to ever let it happen. I'm not saying it's bad for anyone to be gay so please don't get the idea that I'm homophobic. It's just something I choose not to do for myself. Everything else is pretty much up for negotiation.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

My First Client

     Who was my first client?  My first client was 4 years ago when I was 26 years old. She was a 40 year old business owner from Brazil. She was in town on business & needed someone to have dinner with. I picked her up at her hotel room. She looked ravishing & was everything you'd imagine in a stereotypical Brazilian: beautiful blonde hair, nice medium sized breasts, & a large, rounded, firm ass. With her dressed in a business suit & me in a black Armani suit, we headed off to dinner at a 4 star restaurant around the corner from the hotel.
     We ate a great meal & had great conversation. We talked mainly about her business & a little about mine, as I hadn't quit my sales job yet. She told me she just really wanted dinner companionship for the night & not much else. That actually made things much easier. I was just able to be myself.
     After a while, it just felt like a regular date. We started flirting a little during dinner, playing footsie under the table. After dinner, we moved back to the hotel bar, grabbed a discrete table, & caressed each other while making small talk & getting buzzed off of whiskey (this woman could hold her liquor).
     I accompanied her up to her room, where I started to say my goodbyes, since she had said earlier that all she wanted for the evening was conversation. She looked at me & said "so, how much to fuck?" I looked at her a little surprised. It was at that point that my future reality was made clear to me: my body was a business deal. At that moment, all emotions left my being & everything afterwards was strictly business.
     I broke down all of the prices to her (after the paying for sex is illegal disclaimer, of course), including extra for certain fetishes. She was fine with it. After negotiating what was going to transpire, she said "good, strip down" & proceeded to undress & move to the hotel window. Romance was definitely not on her agenda. This woman wanted to fuck. I stripped out of my suit, laid it out on the chair, & walked over to her naked body staring out of the window.
     I threw her hands up above her head & proceeded to kiss her up & down her back, stopping to pay close attention to her ass. I spanked it; first softly, then harder & harder as she yelped & commanded me to. I threw her around so that she was facing me, split her legs apart, threw them on top of my shoulders, & slowly, seductively ate her juicy pussy. Her pussy lips dripped down my face as I ate her. After a while, I felt her body start to quiver & I worked harder, making her cum.
     I grabbed her & threw her across my shoulders, walked her over to the bed & threw her down on the bed. I stroked my dick over her until it was completely hard. Then, I entered her. Her pussy swallowed my dick whole. She then started grinding her hips into me as I started fucking her. We became a precision instrument, matching each other thrust for thrust. Only one emotion mattered to me at that point: lust. My ego took over. I was going to give this bitch the best fuck of her life. I started thinking paying attention to how her body reacted, to see how & what she wanted. I subconsciously let her direct the fuck, right down to her roughness, grabbing her throat & squeezing as my dick drilled her. After a while, she started screaming that she was cumming so I drilled her harder until she came. After that, she got on top of me & rode me until she came again. Then, I drilled her sideways & back up against the window doggie style until I came.
     After a few hours of fucking in different positions, I grabbed my clothes & got dressed. She reached into her purse, grabbed a few thousand dollars, & handed them to me, along with her business card with her email address on it. She told me the money was a tip, thanked me for a job well done, told me to keep in touch & when she was in town again, we'd hook up. With that, she kissed me & sent me on my way. She's since become a regular. We fuck every few months when she rolls through town.
     Between dinner, drinks, & fucking, we spent about 8 hours together. Bianca got paid $2, 000 per hour so she grossed $16,000. I received $5,000 of that, since it was my first time & I wasn't at the 50% payout rate yet. Coupled with my $3,000 tip & I made $8,000 for one night's work. That's more than my take home pay in a month at the computer company I had my full time job.
     I still remember laying out the money on the bed & staring at it. A good piece of me died that day, replaced by a very ammoral part of my soul. Maybe it was actually just that my ammoral side started to show itself that day. For on that day, at that very moment, I was shown the potential of what I could accomplish if I kept my head on straight & thought of this as a business. The organized business side took over & I started crunching numbers. I decided to dedicate myself to this lifestyle & become the very best that I can be. Above all, I decided to check my heart at the door & keep it strictly about the business of sex. On that day, I was reborn.
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Audition

     What was my first time like? My first time was actually with Bianca. I went to her place, picked her up, & together we went to a fancy little black tie event on the upper west side. Bianca wanted to get me used to being eye candy on a woman's arm (a feat I've actually done with a couple exgirlfriends, although I never told Bianca that). Being at many conferences & fancy get togethers in my line of work, I fit in perfectly. A good escort doesn't overshadow his date. He blends in, compliments her. After all, he's taking the place of a boyfriend or husband & I can schmooze with the best of them. Bianca & I made small talk all night, with me lightly touching & feeling each other, so as not to look out of place. That's how you can always tell when a couple is legit or just going through the numbers.
     After my performance at the party, I figured my audition was over, as I brought Bianca back to her place & up to her apartment. She wasn't done with me, though. She wanted to make sure I was up to the task sexually. She took my hand, led me to her bedroom, & told me to undress, which I did slowly as to seduce her.
     "Let's see what you've got for skills" she said matter of factly. We then proceeded to have sex in many ways & in many positions. She rode me, I rode her, I had her doggie style, & I had her up against the wall. I tied her up & did her rough.
     I made love to her seductively with food & ice. We did everything kinky she could think of. I figured out that she wanted to see how far I'd be willing to go for my clients. She also wanted to see how long I'd last. 7 hours later, she got her answer. As I put my clothes back on with the sunlight beeming down on me, she said "I'll get some things set up for you & get you some clothes. We need to have you look the part". I gave her a kiss as she lay on the bed, grabbed my coat, & walked out the door. My life hasn't been the same since.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Introductions - Why I Do What I Do

Issue of New York Post containing Ashley Dupré...Image via Wikipedia     Why do I do what I do?  I've been asked that a few times. The first & biggest reason is because of the money. I make twice as much in one hour now than I did in a week doing sales for a computer startup company. Women escorts make infinitely more money than a male escort. Ashley Dupre, the escort caught in the middle of the Elliot Spitzer mess, made $5,000 an hour, I read. I'm only at about half of that but still, that's good money.
     An average night is about 5 hours of standard arm candy work. That's around $12,500, half of which goes to Bianca. There's usually a tip, which I keep all of. It's usually half of whatever the standard night rate is.
     Then, there are the "extras". That's the part that you imagine it to be. I get to keep whatever I make from that, as it is company policy that we strictly do escorting only & the company has no knowledge of nor does it condone that kind of behavior. Let's be real, though. It's kind of expected by the clientele that you're going to fuck them if they want it. Hell, at least half of them don't even want to go out. They just want you to come over & act out their fantasies (more on those as the blog goes on).
     I give Bianca half of what I make from that part of the job; not because I have to but because I'm grateful to her for giving me this opportunity. Plus, she deals with the most powerful of the powerful & the richest of the rich. I don't want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. I'd never make this much money if I struck out on my own. I have a bunch of regulars but they wouldn't be enough to keep me in the lifestyle I've now become accustomed to.
     The second reason why I do what I do is because I love sex. I absolutely love fucking rich & powerful women. I get to have sex with a wide variety of races; black, white, latina, & lately more asian & arabic. In the city I live in, you can't go wrong.
     The one drawback to all of this is that I think I may have lost my soul. I used to be a caring person who fell in love very easily. Now, I turn off my heart. I care about money; saving half & spending the rest. There's only a certain amount of time I can do this at my peak. I don't want to have what's happened to a lot of escorts happen to me.
     I'm aware that the reason why people read blogs like this is because they want to read about the sex. This blog will be no different. I'll get into the sexual details of who & how I do my clients. I figured I'd lay the foundation to the blog first.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Introductions - How Did I Get Into This Business

     How did I get into this business? It's strange how it happened. During my previous job, I had to go to a lot of conferences. Sometimes, we'd get to go to some fancy parties once the conference is done. At one party, I met a guy named Blake. In the midst of our conversation about how little I was making in my current job, he suggested I visit a friend of his named Bianca who could offer me much better employment, if I was willing to make a change. It was then that he told me that he was an escort for someone at the party & what that actually entailed. I was curious & decided to meet his friend. I mean, there's no harm in meeting someone, right?
     I went to Bianca's office a few weeks later. It was just your typical office with nothing out of the ordinary. Bianca's a tall brunette in her mid 30s with a killer body. She sat me down & explained the basics of the business. She thought that I had the looks & skills for her clientele,h who are mainly high income women who work too hard for a relationship & need company for corporate events, weddings, & such. I said it sounds interesting & that I'd give it a try for a few times to see what it was really like. I haven't looked back since.